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Message me any requests/prompts. My ask is always open!

Borra week is coming up, and I have promised myself that I will write one of the prompts.


Anonymous inquired: "Still taking prompts?"

Nooooot really since I have quite a few prompts that I haven’t finished yet due to 1) college happening and 2) writer’s block. However, if you really want to give me a prompt, go ahead! Who knows, it might give me the idea necessary to get me out of my writing slump.

Carrying the Banner 

An AU in which the fabulous bending brothers are newsboys. Selling papers is the same old routine until one day, the news comes to them.

Little bit of Borra, giant bits of Mako & Newsies.

Also, hopefully a way for me to get over the intense writer’s block I am currently experiencing.

After Mako is fired from factory work to make room for littler kids who work for less, he has no choice but to turn to the profession-of-choice for street kids like him.


He doesn’t like it much. The other boys, however, find some sense of pride in their work. They call it ‘carrying the banner,’ as if it’s an honorable service to the world to be calling out headlines.

“Headlines don’t sell papes. Newsies sell papes,” they all say. Their little chant raises morale and makes them feel needed, but Mako doesn’t believe in it. He highly doubts that newsies are valued as much to the companies that actually print the paper, for one thing. He also refrains from pointing out that of course newsies sell papers, since that’s their job

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Happy Borra week! I’m super behind on writing buuuut I really wanted to celebrate, so I put these three songs on repeat and got to work on this little ficlet. 


Walking into the grand ballroom only fuels Bolin’s expectations of the night’s events. The scene is already set perfectly - elegant costumes, glistening decorations, upbeat music - leaving him to focus on the main event. He imagines that he alone will pick out Korra from among the sea of masked partygoers. He’ll dance with her all night, guide her to the moonlit balcony…

His dream sequence is interrupted by the sight of Korra already dancing with someone else.

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Anonymous inquired: "I really like your fics but could you share some other Borra fic blogs?"

Sure thing! 

These people are all much better writers than I am, so go follow them and enjoy their wonderful stuff! 



Based on the prompt “Bolin trying to prove his toughness.”

I restarted and rewrote this a ton of times, but I finally got this fic to work! Sorry it took me so long!


Much like a fairytale, it all begins with a prince.

The kindof prince, however, remains in dispute as Ikki and Jinora shout over each other. Korra’s best attempts to calm them are futile and Bolin can only listen in on the argument as Meelo keeps him preoccupied.

“A real prince is a valiant hero. He’s honorable and strong, a warrior of the heart and protector of-”

“Mine is a real prince! He has a castle in the sky and can bend rainbows! He dances on the wind and sings to the animals and has happily ever afters!”

Neither girl is subdued when Korra separates them with earthbending, sliding them a few feet in opposite directions. Instead, they turn in unison and shout, “Korra! Which would you pick?”

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Anonymous inquired: "First off, your fics are great! Also, do you know how far you are on the last two prompts you have? Sorry if that sounds kind of pressuring, I'm just curious."

Oh my gosh, I am so so so sorry for taking so long on those prompts. I know I’ve had them for a while, but they are my number one priority right now. I’ve definitely started them, and I’m not going to write anything else until I get them done!


Anonymous inquired: "Great fanfiction is great my dear!"

Thank you, anon!


Seven Years 

Companion to Five Years and Five Years + One Day. Bolin decides that it’s time to take a step forward in their relationship.


Moving in with Bolin isn’t a planned process; it sort of just happens. Her clothes pile up in his spare drawer. Dinner is always at his apartment. She spends more nights in his bed than in her own. 

And, eventually, that becomes just the way things are. The seasons change, time passes, but their togetherness is constant.

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Anonymous inquired: "just wanted to let you know that your fanfiction is super cute and wonderfully done and I love reading it! You're awesome <3"

Awww, thank you anon! Hopefully I will have more for you to read soon. I wish I weren’t such a slowpoke at writing.

Pictured: gotsomemoves being so zetta slow

I’m probably 80% done with the next part of the timeskipped Borra saga, so be on the lookout for that :) And thanks again!